Upgrade FLO to PIN

The proof-of-work currency FLO can be upgraded to PIN

PIN Labs registration website

Proof-of-work FLO can be migrated to PIN on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain via the PIN Labs one-way- bridge. Register for the FLO to PIN upgrade here:


Q: Will PIN remain a proof-of-work network? A: Yes. The canonical FLO chain is, and always will be, proof-of-work. ERC-20 PIN will be migrated from the canonical FLO chain into other chains to access different web3 features.
Q: Will the cap remain at 160,000,000 PIN? A: Yes.
Q: Where can I upgrade my FLO to PIN? A: See to register for the upgrade.
Q: Where can I learn more? A: Join our Telegram chat: and check out our new website
Q: How can I help? A: Join Telegram and receive bounties for creating content and working on the protocol.