Welcome to PIN

The blockchain host of the Open Index Protocol ("OIP") and other application-layer software.

PINπŸ“Œis a proof-of-work cryptocurrency designed to index web3 metadata. PIN also exists as a wrapped token on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

Looking for FLO? We've re-branded to PIN: FLO Rebrand and Expansion Into Web3

Users and developers can "pin" metadata, permanently and immutably storing it on the network for public use. Pins can then be retrieved and read by any PIN-based application. When combined with its supporting metadata library, the Open Index Protocol ("OIP"), PIN provides a new standard for publishing, indexing, and monetizing any digital content.

A robust development community is actively using PIN to create and index immutable links that will help to serve as the infrastructure for web3.

"The goal of PIN is to build a worldwide database of metadata for content on the web,"

β€” Joseph Fiscella, CEO of PIN Labs.

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