Welcome to PIN

The blockchain host of the Open Index Protocol ("OIP") and other application-layer software.
PIN📌is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency designed to index web3 metadata. PIN also exists as a wrapped token on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.
Looking for FLO? We've re-branded to PIN: FLO Rebrand and Expansion Into Web3​
Users and developers can "pin" metadata, permanently and immutably storing it on the network for public use. Pins can then be retrieved and read by any PIN-based application. When combined with its supporting metadata library, the Open Index Protocol ("OIP"), PIN provides a new standard for publishing, indexing, and monetizing any digital content.
A robust development community is actively using PIN to create and index immutable links that will help to serve as the infrastructure for web3.
"The goal of PIN is to build a worldwide database of metadata for content on the web,"
— Joseph Fiscella, CEO of PIN Labs.
Established 2013